Saturday, February 23, 2008


To our Fellow Patriot:

For the past few weeks, we have heard what many people believe as the “truth” behind the issues surrounding the ZTE-National Broadband Network controversy. The latest witness in the Senate investigation into this issue, former Philippine Forest Corp. president Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, has come out with damning statements against several personalities supposedly involved in getting the ZTE-NBN contract overpriced to the detriment of the Filipino people.

Jun Lozada has been commended and hailed as a “hero” for testifying before the Senate about the details he supposedly knows about the ZTE-NBN deal. He has portrayed himself as a helpless victim caught in the crossfire of this scandal who was left with no choice but to tell the “truth.”

But is it really the truth that we are hearing? Is Lozada’s “truth” as unblemished as he claims it to be, or is it tainted by his interpretation of events to suit his needs and purposes? Is he the soft-spoken, helpless victim as he portrays himself to be?

What is happening now involves the future of our nation We cannot allow half-truths or twisted versions of the truth to prevail and set off a political crisis where the Filipino people will end up as the ultimate losers because they have been deprived of what they need to know and misled by so-called “reluctant heroes.”

We, the Patriots for Truth, seek to favor no one. Our mission is to expose the truth, not selective parts of it, but the entire, unsullied truth. A patriot for truth does not seek to save his soul but ends up saving his hide. A patriot for truth is one who is willing to face and accept the truth whoever gets hurt, whatever its outcome.

The clips that you are about to hear forms only the first part of our mission. We will continue to seek the truth and expose it to the public. We will remain relentless in our mission. Expect more of the truth to come out in the following days.

Be not afraid of the truth!